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December 29, 2006
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Lancer finished in Inkscape by DiegoSilvaPires Lancer finished in Inkscape by DiegoSilvaPires
Lanceira feita a mão e finalizada no Inkscape durante horas e horas...
A idéia e usar esse desenho ,o simplificado dele alias, pra treinar modelagem 3D no studio max..
BAD ENGLISH---------------------------------------------------------------
Lancer(?) made with pencil and finished in Inkscape during hours and hours...
The idea its to use this one, a simplified one, to train modeling in 3D studio max...
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DiegoSilvaPires Apr 29, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you ^^
Xentalion Dec 29, 2006   Digital Artist
That looks really good! I wish my sketchs turned out this well.
You should try Blender, it's much more intuitive and faster then 3D studio max. once you learn it.
DiegoSilvaPires Dec 30, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, i really tried Blender her, but when i tried to change de view mode, my pc stoped.

I think my pc dont match the requeriments of Blender, its problably because i dont have an 3D graphics card, just a adapter in my mainboard.

So, patiente, dont you think, untili i buy a new pc, i need to use what i can...
Xentalion Dec 30, 2006   Digital Artist
If your pc is as fast as or faster then a pentium I, blender should work fine. I renders a movie on my pentium I and I don't have a 3D video card either.
I wonder why it crashs, are you using the newest version? I've never heard of this problem before...
DiegoSilvaPires Dec 30, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes its the 2.42 version of him.

What bothered me, its that the View mode was the first thing i learned, and dont worked, man what a deception. So i unistaled him.

I read something about get a new version of my drivers, but i dont understand much about that, and i started with the studio and it worked well, so, you now...
Xentalion Jan 5, 2007   Digital Artist
What type of computer are you using? Mac/Windows/Linux?
Also, it might be a problem with your number pad, if num lock isn't on, or broken, you need to turn on emulate numpad in the options (just drag down the top bar)
DiegoSilvaPires Jan 6, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Unhappily I use Windows yet...
No, my number pad are ok, and the num lock are aways on too.
I have instaled the Blender again, and i will try again, it might be a problem of instalation, who knows?
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